Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sin Cara joining Japan? Plus AJ Styles!

Cara and Styles!
 Sin Cara has recently been joining up with "New Japan Talent". I say good riddance! GET THE HELL OUT OF WWE CARA!! The guy had to stop a match cause he dislocated his finger while I've seen guys go through tables with giant gashes in their backs and many more brutal injuries than that! -.- It's pathetic and makes Vince look bad. So thank God that so called "talent" looks to be leaving with Japan. It seems that who ever doesn't make it in WWE goes to TNA, Mexico or Japan. BUT ANYWAY!!! Regarding AJ Styles' contract with TNA, it appears that he continued it but will only remain with them till the end of the year. I really don't like TNA, however I do respect some of their talent. Guys like Samoa Joe, Sting, The Dudleys, (not sure if they're still there or not though) AJ Stlyes and of course Jeff Hardy! Many of their talent is not given enough credit for in my opinion and I'd love to see guys like Hardy, Styles and Sting in the WWE! Perhaps AJ Styles will be joining us when his contract expires? 


Spoiler for Monday Night!
 Cody Rhodes was "fired", last week on Raw. Most people know that his brother is Goldust, this being said he'll be taking on our wwe champion this Monday night! Really though Goldust? REALLY?! Do you really think you have a chance against Randy Orton?! -.- Yeah the guy is a former I-C and tag team champion, but how long ago was that? How long has he been away from wrestling?! I understand it's all apart of the storyline, and apparently if Goldust beats the apex predator and Cody comes back to apologize, he'll get his job back! I still don't understand how 3MB is still there and yet they "fire" a guy like Cody who has also held the I-C and tag team belts. I got that thought from my good buddy "Wrestling Memes", so if it sounds like I stole your idea, I didn't. ;) ANYWAY!!! I think that maybe Cody should come back and face Orton for the title, lose the match and have Bryan win it, then have Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan. That's just me though, give me some feedback guys! :D

Friday, September 6, 2013

House of Hardcore..big news!

I'm flabbergasted to say the least

 I know I already wrote about HoH, however I didn't know all of the "superstars" in the show..Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner, Carlito, Too Cool Scorpio, Rhino, The Sandman, Jazz, Winter, Big Daddy V and much more. AKA...a bunch of old sell outs who couldn't make it to the WWE! Orrrr, they probably got released and had to settle for third best. Yes I actually put TNA in front of HoH. I haven't reallyyy watched it, so maybe I'm being too harsh on them, but from what I've seen, it hurts. It hurts seeing all these wrestlers that I grew up with settling for what looks like an oversized high school gymnasium -.- The worst is yet to come however! They're surprise going to be The Rated R Superstar, Edge -___-!!!! Okay, when I saw that, thats where I drew the line. The guy is a multiple time wwe and world heavyweight champion, I-C champion, tag team champ and King of the Ring! He even won the WCW US title. For a hall of famer such as Edge lowering himself to this so called "organization", really sickens me. REALLY EDGE?!?! Are you that hungry for money?!

House of Hardcore 2

HoH 2
 A video popped up in my inbox from a fan recently, (and when I say recently, I mean within the last 30 minutes.) House of Hardcore 2? It takes place in Philly, and it looks like an NXT ripoff! Actually, at least NXT is owned by the WWE and has up and coming talent, the only thing I saw in this video was a bunch of old and washed up wrestlers! No disrespect intended for some of them, names like Ric Flair, and Terry Funk. I get it, they're legends, but stay away from the ring! If you're retired, then have some class and stay retired. Of course it has to take place in Philadelphia, everyone knows thats the land of extreme! My point being! I guess if the washed up sell outs don't make it to TNA, at least you can always make it to House of Hardcore :) washed up sell outs..

I know I'm late, but why is Hogan in '14? -.-

Hogan, in 2k14

 I know this is a late post, because I know that the whole world knows that Hogan is in the game, but why him of all people? I get it. I get that he "defined" the '80s. However he left WWE for something much less. As my fans know, I hate TNA, but for some obvious reasons as well. First off, It's for sell outs and has beens. Then again I guess it would be perfect for "the Hukster". Why is it that we have to download Ultimate Warrior but Hogan is already in the game ready to go? WARRIOR IS BETTER THAN HOGAN! He beat him at WM 6. This is just a post about me bitching about Hulk Hogan. I don't think he should be in the game, and I hope that the reason why he's in it is cause he kissed McMahon's ass so much since he heard about how they're doing superstars from the '80s. 

When is Mark Henry going to return?!

The World's Strongest Man
 Mark Henry had pulled a hamstring a few weeks ago while on the road, which is why he's been off tv for a while. He's been cleared to come back however! GIVE THE GUY A DAMN PUSH! I'm not saying I'm a big fan, but maybe put him back with the Big Show? It would be a hell of a lot better than what they're doing to Big Show now, just making him look like a dam pussy bitch. -.- Crying and humiliating him in front of the world, even if it is fake, who wants to see that shit? Put Big Show and Henry together, put them to face the Shield for the tag team titles and have em win! They'll be unstoppable! Of course though, these stupid executives will probably just make him into they're bitch too, like they did with Big Show. -_- 

New diva added to the roster?

The daughter of Eddie Guerrero 

001 So Shaul Guerrero wants to become a diva...hmm? I even heard that she moved to Florida to be apart of WWE's developmental center. I personally think she should just stay away from the business, It's bad enough having one Guerrero there already, do we really need two? I'm not trying to hate on the girl, but the divas division is finally looking impressive again I don't think that they should mess with it. Obviously they'll give her a tremendous push like they did for Natalya, but then probably drop the ball on her just cause you can't ignore some of the girls there like the Bellas and Aj who have worked there asses off all these years! Word has it she's a "go go girl" now a days. I'm sure Eddie would be proud...